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Datatool Therma Grip Heated Hand Grips

Datatool Therma Grip Heated Hand Grips
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Price: £45.60
Availability: Out Of Stock
Model: Heated hand grips
Manufacturer: Datatool
Average Rating: Not Rated

THERMA GRIP - Heated Hand Grips

Keep those hands warm in winter!

Designed and produced in the UK, the Datatool Therma Grips offer increased winter comfort, a unique integrated control slider on the LH grip and are designed to be connected direct to the battery.

Large Surface Area – the Therma Grips are of a slightly oversized diameter which provides a larger contact area for the rider, resulting in increased heat transfer and greater comfort when riding in cold conditions

Integrated Controller – the waterproof 4 position control slider is integrated to the LH grip, ensuring adjustment can be made by the rider without taking their eyes off the road and installation is easier, with no separate control box to mount

Voltage Sensing – The Datatool Therma Grips are designed to be connected directly to the vehicle battery and come pre fitted with an inline fuse and battery connectors. The unique voltage sensing technology built into the control switch ensures the grips only heat when the engine is running, preventing accidental flat batteries

Fully adjustable temperature control
Active monitoring technology: Ensures the Datatool heated hand grips only operate when the engine is running.
Minimum battery drain
Ergonomic design
Manufactured in the UK
Simple 2 Wire installation
Waterproof connectors
Fits handlebars of 7/8" diameter
24 Months Guarantee

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Datatool Therma Grip Heated Hand Grips
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